December 15 - TVM Tutorial Day

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December 16 - TVMCon Day 1

TitleTime (PST)TrackSpeakersOrganization
Lightning Talks – Compilation and Optimization2:40 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: VariousOrganization: The Apache TVM Community
Puffin: A MLIR-based tensorizer for training2:40 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Liangfu ChenOrganization: Amazon Web Services
Verifiable Compilation to Accelerators Using a Formal Software/Hardware Interface and Flexible Matching2:46 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Gus SmithOrganization: University of Washington
Automatic Tensorized Program Optimization2:52 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Bohan HouOrganization: Carnegie Mellon University
Tsunami: Training in TVM with Relay2:58 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Altan HaanOrganization: OctoML
R-TVM, a polyhedral mapper for TVM3:04 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Benoit MeisterOrganization: Reservoir Labs
Fuzzing TVM Relay3:10 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Steven LyubomirskyOrganization: University of Washington
RoofTune:Accelerating the Tuning Process Based on Roofline Model3:16 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Hui Zhong
Haiwen Fu
Xiaohua Shi
Organization: Beihang University
SONAR: Direct architecture and system optimization search3:22 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Elias JaasaariOrganization: Carnegie Mellon University
Collage: Automated Integration of Deep Learning Backends3:28 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Byungsoo JeonOrganization: Carnegie Mellon University
The CoRa Tensor Compiler: Compilation for Ragged Tensors with Minimal Padding3:34 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Pratik FegadeOrganization: Carnegie Mellon University
Multi-stream Support for Virtual Machine Executor3:40 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Yaoyao DingOrganization: University of Toronto

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December 17 - TVMCon Day 2

TitleTime (PST)TrackSpeakersOrganization
Lightning Talks – Edge and Embedded2:40 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: VariousOrganization: Apache TVM Community
Extremely Fast GEMM on AVX512 CPUs Combining TVM and XSMM2:40 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Honglin ZhuOrganization: Tencent Holding Limited
A Simulation-Based TVM Extension for Auto-Tuning in the Early Design Phases2:46 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Yannick Braatz
Michael J. Klaiber
Axel J. Acosta
Organization: Robert Bosch GmbH
Leveraging TVM as a front-end compiler for RISC-V based custom tinyML processor2:52 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Vaibhav VermaOrganization: University of Virginia
Integrate TVM With MediaTek NeuroPilot for Mobile Devices2:58 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Robert Lai
Chun-Ping Chung
Organization: Mediatek
Caffe-SSD Inference on Edge Device Using TVM and Hybrid Script3:04 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Masahiro HiramoriOrganization: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Support sparse and irregular workloads in TIR3:10 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Zihao Ye
Ruihang Lai
Organization: University of Washington
Optimization with TVM Hybrid OP on RISC-V with P Extension3:16 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Lee Jenq-Kuen
Yu Meng-Shiun
Yuan Chuan-Yue
Organization: National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Integer Only Quantization and Pruning of Transformers3:22 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Amir Gholami
Sehoon Kim
Organization: UC Berkeley
Another Automatic Kernel Generator on Huawei NPU with Polyhedral Compilation3:28 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Shenghu Jiang
Mingli Sun
Organization: Beihang University
Extending auto-scheduler to support performance evaluation with timing model3:34 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Minchun Liao
Yaohua Chen
Chungta King
Organization: National Tsing Hua University, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
TVM at Qualcomm Adreno3:40 pmLightning TalksSpeakers: Siva Rama KrishnaOrganization: Qualcomm India Pvt Ltd

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