Event Details

Apple BNNS Integration, Benefits and Challenges

Date: 12/17/2021 2:15 pm
Open Source Lounge

Organization: Deelvin Solutions
Speakers: Alexander Peskov

Goal is to demonstrate an importance of BYOS on BNNS example. The main reason of it is private extension called AMX which is not available for public LLVM compiler. This talk will show how BNNS was integrated into TVM and performance result leading from that.


  • Intro: BYOS overview. Goals and abilities.
  • BNNS vs codegen. Why BNNS performance is unreachable through llvm code generation. Apple AMX instruction extension.
  • Current state of BNNS support as BYOS integration in TVM. How it can be utilized.
  • Performance comparison for some popular topologies (Resnet, Mobilenet and others).
  • Why codegen still beats BNNS for some combination of parameters/shapes. Reasons. “Best of both worlds” approach.
  • Effect of additional threading. Does it make sense? Performance evaluation of parallel execution of BNNS.
  • Conclusions.

This session is split into two parts, a 20 minute talk and a 10 minute community breakout session.

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