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Relax: Co-Designing High-Level Abstraction Towards TVM Unity

Date: 12/17/2021 1:50 pm
Main Stage

Organization: OctoML
Speakers: Yuchen Jin, Altan Haan, Ziheng Jiang

Today, TVM has a clear boundary between each abstraction layer, for example, Relay to TIR lowering is done in a single shot translation fashion. However, we start to see a strong need of performing optimizations across different layers. In Relax, we want to co-design the high-level abstraction to unify the abstraction across different layers. Relax have three key goals motivated by our past lessons in ML acceleration: support dynamic shape workloads, enable non-compiler experts to write computational graph optimizations conveniently, and unify the abstraction layers for cross-layer optimizations.

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