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Efficient Application Mapping in a Heterogeneous Environment using TVM

Date: 12/17/2021 11:25 am
Main Stage

Organization: SiMa.ai
Speakers: Joey Chou, Alicja Kwasniewska, and Sharath Raghava

This case study highlights a multi-object tracking application with reidentification using TVM on the SiMa.ai™ MLSoC accelerator. SiMa.ai will present how to use key TVM functionalities to ensure a smooth execution of a multi-model computer vision pipeline in a heterogeneous environment and efficiently map specific workloads to different computing devices to achieve the highest performance at the lowest power utilization. In addition, the need for analyzing the end-to-end application performance to best fit different markets and applications will be discussed in order to best support customers’ needs.

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