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TVM in the Arene AI Platform of Woven Planet

Date: 12/16/2021 1:20 pm
Main Stage

Organization: Woven Planet Holdings, Inc.
Speakers: Ryo Takahashi
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Woven Planet Holdings believes that we will need to run machine learning (ML) models on top of various processors for the future mobility business. Our ML application domains include not only automated driving but diverse vehicular data driven services (e.g. ride-sharing), high-definition map generation, robotics, and a smart city project. In this business environment with various compile targets, an open-sourced, unified abstraction interface like Apache TVM can contribute to both productivity and safety enhancement. We have embedded TVM into their MLOps Pipeline framework (a key service of the Arene Platform) and are beginning to deploy actual product ML models for multiple targets. In this presentation, a practitioner in Woven Planet will talk about the successes of Apache TVM adoption so far and future roadmap.

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